posers exterior detail

Looking for just the outside of your vehicle to be detailed/valeted? No problem.

This Filthy Posers Exterior detailing service leaves your car in immaculate outside and you will never be able to tell you had dirty rain marks and salt residues (sprayed up from the road) caked on your car for a fair while!

Your paintwork, glass and tyres will be cleaned, decontaminated and brought back to a new life.

We spoil your vehicle with a prewash and snow- foam and shampoo and then shine up your glasswork as well as iron bleed your wheels as well as dress up all trims and tyres.

As mentioned, we go one step beyond with your car care and we protect your car paintwork using our Ceramic Si02 paint protection for up to 6 months.

NB. Please note that you can upgrade to our Poser PaintProtection kit (Step 1 and 2) and the results are then guaranteed for 1 year for just an extra £30. This system seriously gives a  showroom shine! This is perfect for protecting against bird droppings an any acid rain! 

what we offer

Pre wash, snow-foam and shampoo

Glass clean and Si02 ceramic protection

Full wheel decontamination, including iron bleed

Paintwork decontamination, including clay bar

Ceramic Si02 paint protection (6 months)

Trims and tyres dressing

plus 22 more steps in our super detailing service!

the detail process

Time: 4 Hours

Price: £70

Requirements: For our mobile facility, we will need access to an eletrical connector and a hose outlet (we bring our own extension leads and longer hose pipes).

Location : we are based in Chesterfield and operate in a 10 mile free radius (this includes all of Sheffield as well). For Nottingham and Derby we have a additional travel cost of £15

To book an appointment

Please fill out the quick form below - including your make of car, your address and which detailing you require (this is the exterior detail) and we will get in contact with you very shortly. Or alternatively, please call us on 07895 136568.

Unit 9 Foxwood View, Foxwood Industrial Park, Chesterfield S41 9RN