Posers Interior detail

Overview, Steps + Pricing

Looking for just the inside of your vehicle to be detailed/valeted? No problem. We can bring your vehicle back to tip top condition, just like the first day it was born with our incredible vehicle interior restoration process.

We use our premium range of washes, shampoos, stain removers and mould protectants to bring the interior of your car back to life as well as protect all fabrics and leather and carpets.

We don’t forget about the plastics and trimmings either! Every inch of surface, from the buttons to the door handles. We will clean, shine + protect it!

what we offer

Interior valet Includes 16 different Steps, Heres a few for you!

Extreme hoover of all carpets and seats.

Deep carpet and seat wash using special seat stain removers and mould protectants.

Brushing treatment on door panels, all buttons, steering wheel and hard to reach areas (as shown in image).

All interior plastics cleaned and treated.

Carpet and seat protected with products with hydro-phobic properties (optional at an additional £25)

Plus much more! Please enquire.

the detail process

Time : 3 Hours

price: £70

Requirements : for our mobile facility, we will require access to an electrical plug (we carry long extension cables).

products : we will use our own highly premium products along with other brands we feel will work best for your vehicle.

Location : we are based in Chesterfield and have a 10 mile free radius (this includes all of Sheffield as well). For Nottingham and Derby we have an additional travel cost of £15.

To Book an Appointment

Please fill out the form below - including your make of car, address and which detailing you would like (this is the interior pose) and we will get in contact with you as soon a possible. Or alternatively call us on 07895 136568.

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